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July 25, 2017 Wedding, Wedding Ideas

Joy Behar Wedding

Joy Behar

joy behar

Joy Behar wedding was surprised the people in the world. We see it on “The View” when there were introduced the two weddings that had taken place over the summer, one of those are Joy Behar Wedding. She was married on Thursday night and she talked about it on ‘The View’ and her HLN show, ‘The Joy Behar Show,’ on September 6.

Joy Behar Wedding and Steve Janowitz

Behar has married her longtime boyfriend Steve Janowitz, Access Hollywood has confirmed. Behar and Janowitz have been a couple by having a relationship since the early 1980s, and she regularly referred to him as her “spousal equivalent.” actually, Behar broke off an engagement to Janowitz in 2009, and back when she was about to start her HLN show.

She said and joked at the Friars Club back in June 2009 that she was getting her own talk show on HLN, so she don’t have to get married anymore. “I got cold feet again actually, so I don’t know what I’m going to do,” then she added. “It’s off the table. What’ll happen is, when I decide to do it, I will do it, and then everybody will know that I did it. I can not make up my mind.”

When Behar discussed her decision to finally walk down the aisle, she will do so on what will be the fifteenth season premiere of “The View.”

Everybody must ask why after 29 years with Janowitz did she finally decide to make it official?
Then she revealed ten reasons why she did that. She said embarrassed asking about senior discounts for her ‘boyfriend’ and Steve tired of being referred to as ‘that old guy’ by Joy’s relatives, while joking. When she pressed to give a serious answer, she said, the recent passage of gay marriage legislation in New York informed her decision, also a lesbian couple had inspired her to marry for pragmatic reasons. And the third number actually is because she wants to get the twins.

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she said that It did have an influence on her – it brought to her consciousness why gays needed to get married, and she thought it was a good reason for her to get married, so did Steve, so they did it. She joked again that if Steve was going to get down on one knee, she wanted it be during the time when he could still get up from one knee.

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