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August 13, 2017 Wedding, Wedding Ideas

Placement and Flower of Boutonniere

boutonniere alternative

boutonniere alternative

Boutonniere is western wedding traditions are often used. Do you know about boutonniere? is a flower boutonniere pinned on the chest pocket of the groom and escort the bridegroom. However, the concept of a boutonniere on bridesmaid men is more modest than the property of the groom. The groom will be more handsome when using this boutonniere.

Boutonniere was similar but more modest bouquet. When the bride using a bouquet bigger and beautiful, but the bride’s bouquet more simple and small. Interest on boutonniere can use native flowers and fake relationship. It depends on the tastes of each person. Flower boutonniere also used in many different forms, depending on the wishes of the groom. At weddings, often many people who use roses as a boutonniere. Roses can be used white or red roses. But you can also use jasmine, lily white, etc.

You should remember to use its own wedding bouquet is the color harmony between wedding bouquet or boutonniere with each other, to look pretty and pleasant to look at. It can also be adjusted with decoration event or clothes worn at weddings. In addition, interest at the time of marriage is very important, because it will make the atmosphere more romantic. For more details about the examples, you can see some pictures that I give.

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12 Inspiration Gallery from Placement and Flower of Boutonniere

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